Event Terms and Conditions

  1. EVENT LOCATION: The Client is to secure the event location, date and times. The Client is also to secure a legal loading area for Blue Label Casinos, LLC., both on the installation and dismantle of the Casino Party.
  2. SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED TO THE CLIENT: Blue Label Casinos, LLC. is to provide entertainment services to the Client by means of Blue Label Casinos, LLC. employees and/or independent contractors paid by Blue Label Casinos, LLC., to perform for the benefit of the Client including:
    1. Casino Entertainment Rentals and Staffing
    2. Event Staffing
    3. Event Rentals
    4. Party Planning
  3. CONSIDERATION TO Blue Label Casinos, LLC.: Client is to pay Blue Label Casinos, LLC. the total sum including tax of the event for services providedThe deposit of 50%of the event price, including tax, is due upon the booking to reserve the date and time of your event.  The Client agrees to make payment to Blue Label Casinos, LLC. in the form of cash, check, credit card, (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx), or ACH for services provided.
  4. DEPOSIT: The retainer of 50% must be paid in full to Blue Label Casinos, LLC. by the Client, due upon the booking of the event, as consideration for Blue Label Casinos, LLC. to secure the necessary staffing for this event and reserve the specified date and time from article.
  5. BALANCE: The remaining balance of payment to Blue Label Casinos, LLC. for services to be provided to the Client is due on or before the day prior to the event. Late fees may apply to final payments not received on the date of the event.
  6. OVERTIME FEES: The Client agrees to pay Blue Label Casinos, LLC. $50.00 per dealer/staff member, $75.00 per DJ, and $90 per Photo Booth Attendant for each additional hour after the agreements end time.
  7. HOLD HARMLESS: The Client hereby assumes all responsibility and liability for the Client and holds Blue Label Casinos, LLC. harmless for any injury or damage of any kind, to the Client, its employees, guests, agents, customers or staff involved in or present at this event, and any property, facility, or building involved.
  8. CANCELLATION: This is a Casino Event performance agreement and cannot be cancelled for any reason within 30 days of the date of your event. Deposits are non-refundable 30 days prior to the date of the event. Events may be rescheduled without penalty or loss of deposit but will remain non-refundable.
  9. GAMBLING: Client has been told verbally and understands that there is to be NO gambling or exchange of money of any kind during this event. Blue Label Casinos, LLC. will not be involved with any form of gambling during any event with absolutely no exceptions. Should any legal issues of any kind arise as a result of gambling illegally by the Client and/or its guests or employees then the client agrees to be responsible for any actions taken by the State of Texas and/or any law enforcement agencies and agrees to pay any monetary amount and/or fines or penalties resulting from this event including but not limited to the seizure of Blue Label Casinos, LLC. property including tables and accessories. At no time during any event will there be any exchange of currency by or between Blue Label Casinos, LLC. and the Client or any guests of the event. Any such actions will result in immediate termination of the services provided by Blue Label Casinos, LLC. with no refund. The Client may choose to purchase prizes to be raffled at the end of the event. All casino money and chips carry no cash value and are considered “PLAY MONEY”.
  10. ENTIRE AGREEMENT MODIFICATION: All information in this agreement both typed and/or written constitutes the entire agreement made between Blue Label Casinos, LLC. and the Client. This agreement may not be amended or modified in any way except with a subsequent written instrument by both Blue Label Casinos, LLC. and the Client.
  11. RETURNED CHECKS: There will be a $45.00 charge for all returned checks.
  12. DAMAGE TO EQUIPMENT: Client will be held liable for all damages to equipment and accessories provided by Blue Label Casinos, LLC. during the rental period.
  13. UNLIMITED USAGE: Unlimited prints from our photobooth are while supplies last and only last for thee duration of your event rental time.