Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions and we welcome them all.  Here are some of the most common questions we get asked. 

If you don’t find your answers here, please contact us by email at or by call/text at 832-554-6635.

We’ve found that the best method to host a casino event consists of all guests receiving $5000 in playing chips to start with.  You provide the prize(s) and at the end of the event, the dealers will audit the players chips and exchange them for raffle tickets at a rate of $1000:1 raffle ticket.  This way all the guests stay engaged because they still all have a chance to win.

All our casinos parties come standard with:

  • Custom Built, Made in America Tables
  • Locally Designed Felts
  • Stainless Steel Cupholders
  • Fun, Professional Dealers and Staff
  • 3 Full Hours of Play Time (setup and delivery is on our time)
    • We don’t cut that time short for chip auditing or to include setup and breakdown.
    • You receive the full time you’re paying for!
  • Delivery, Setup, Breakdown, and Pickup
    • We’ll work around your schedule to find a time that’s convenient for you!
    • Travel up to 50 miles from downtown Houston, there’s a small fee for travel beyond that.
  • All the Chips, Cards, Raffle Tickets, Vouchers, and Accessories you need to have a great time

The short answer is no, you don’t need to but, we find that the guests have much more fun when they are playing for something, whether it’s a $5 restaurant gift card or a flat screen TV.

Of course!  We’ve been doing this for 15 years in Houston, so we can help you plan your event or fundraiser down to the details!

Yes!  Our events are for entertainment purposes only so there is no actual real money gambling taking place.  Much like Monopoly™ or Bowling, you are playing a game against other players.  For more information check out the Attorney Generals FAQ on Casino/Poker Nights.

Easy Fix!  We can add time onto your event for $50/table/hour in ½ hour increments.

Deposits are 100% refundable up to 30 days prior to your event.  If it’s less than 30 days out, your deposit is safe, it doesn’t expire, and it will be applied to your event for whenever it’s rescheduled.

This is our bread and butter.  90% of the people who step up to our tables at an event have never played before or haven’t played in years.  Our dealers are knowledgeable and have tons of experience teaching new players the ins and outs of the game.

Not at all!  Since there is no gambling involved, guests of all ages are permitted to play.  After prom parties and graduations are a springtime hit!

We offer a full range of products and services including:

  • Casino Tables and dealers
  • Bartenders and Servers
  • Photo Booth
  • Live DJ
  • Las Vegas Show Girls
  • The Red Carpet Experience
  • Cigar Rolling
  • Don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. We aim to be a full-service event company.  We’ll help you find the right services for your company.

Our events include travel within 50 miles of Houston, but we’ll travel farther than that for $40/hour/dealer.

The baseline we use is about 80 ft2 for Blackjack and Exotic Tables and 100 ft2 for craps, poker, and roulette to accommodate the table, dealer, and players whether sitting or standing. Table Dimensions:

  • Blackjack and Exotic: 6’x3’
  • Poker, Craps, Roulette: 8’x4’

If a casino is the only entertainment at your event, we recommend 60% of the total guest count in playing spots.  We’ve found this ratio ensures all guests have a place to play and have fun.  At the same time, you’re not wasting money on extra tables that don't get used.  For parties under 50 guests, the percentage usually goes up a bit, and for events over 200-250 guests that percentage goes down.  For fundraisers or special situations, contact us directly for recommendations.

  • Blackjack/Exotic Tables – 7 Players
  • Poker Tables – 10 Players
  • Craps Tables – 10 Players
  • Roulette Tables – 8 Players

Yes, we carry a $1 million general liability policy and will furnish a copy of the certificate upon request.

Absolutely!  We are in the service business.  Gratuities are never expected but always appreciated.  If you choose to, you can tip them at the event or put it on the final payment and we’ll distribute 100% of the gratuity back to your event staff.  We don’t allow our dealers to solicit for tips and tip jars are not allowed on the tables.

Yes, we understand that on tighter budgets, people still want to have fun!  Especially for fundraisers.  I always recommend a dealer for craps and roulette, as they are more complicated games, but we are happy to setup tables and provide all the necessary accessories to have a great time at unstaffed tables.  Ask us about arranging a dealer training for your event.